Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Interesting Ethical Question (9/27/12)

The Volokh Conspiracy Blog has an interesting blog at the intersection of NFL Football and Legal Ethics.  Eugene Volokh, An Interesting Ethical Question (The Volokh Conspiracy 9/26/12), here.

The lead in is:
Prof. Richard Painter (Legal Ethics Forum) asks: 
If a referee’s call is wrong, does the “winning” player have to say: “Sorry ref, you got it wrong; I did not have the ball; the other guy had it”? No, he does not (please let me know if there is a NFL rule on this that I am not aware of). 
What are the obligations of a lawyer if a judge makes or is about to make a wrong call in litigation? See Rule 3.3. The answer turns on why the judge is getting it wrong. 
What about the same issue in the context of an IRS agent or the Tax Court making the same call?

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