Saturday, September 26, 2015

Writing Tips from a Master (9/26/15)

This is not about tax procedure.  It is about writing and persuading.  The goal of learning tax procedure is to persuade in a tax setting.  So, I encourage students to read this blog entry about the art of persuasion and the use of hyperbole.

“If you are a lawyer, don’t write this stuff. … If you hire lawyers, don’t let them write it.”  (The Volokh Conspiracy 9/24/15), here.  The actual author of the content is Gary Kinder at Wordrake, here.

Indeed, there is another good recent offering from Gary Kinder, Once Upon a Time I Fell, and It Has Made All the Difference (Wordrake), here, where Kinder recommends the best writers' reference books.

Both are pretty short reads, entertainingly written and, well, persuasive.


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