Monday, December 24, 2012

Law School Diversity (12/24/25)

UVA Law School, here, where I went to law school, has a much more diverse student body than when I went -- in a lot of ways.  But more diversity is welcome.  I offer the following picture from Staci Zaretsky, Caption Contest Winner: Law School Has Gone to the Dogs (Above The Law Blog 12/20/12), here.  Wonder if dogs are graded on the same curve as other students?

The dog's name is Gunner.  He is popular at the law school and has his own Facebook page here.  On Facebook, he reports that the will be the "UVA Law's first 4-legged graduate."  I just requested to be his friend, but he has not accepted my request yet.  I hope he will.  Here is another picture, this one from Facebook:

Since we are on the topics of dogs, I will share this anecdote.  Often in the course of teaching, I mention books unrelated to the topic I teach.  Some time back, I mentioned that I was reading Willie Morris' My Dog Skip, here.  Didn't dwell on it.  But, at least one of the students was paying attention. On the final exam, the student worked an anecdote from My Dog Skip into the exam answer.  Wasn't particularly relevant or helpful to the answer, but it was creative.  So, I gave him an A for creativity.  Otherwise, I had to grade his exam the same way I graded others that did not take the detour.  So, he or she got no benefit in his or her Tax Procedure grade.

Of course, readers of this blog who have also read My Dog Skip can make comments below.

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